Inner Journey


A guide to deep relaxation in the lying position, which introduces the training for the projection of consciousness beyond the physical body. This is not a trivial and superficial procedure, but a set of ancient and effective techniques. The package contains two files of 55 minutes each. The first contains the original voice of Master Antonella Spotti, speaking Italian, followed – at each sentence – by the recitation in English.

As with “Transcendence Initiaton” this allows those who do not know Italian to get the vibration of the original voice. The second file contains only the English-language guide. You can then choose which version to use. The pack-age also contains a PDF with further explanations for the practice.

These two practices – “Transcendence Initiaton” and “Inner Journey”, are to be considered a true initiation into the awareness of the spiritual sphere present in every human being. They can be practised by anyone to achieve a deep state of psychophysical well-being, but have been created to provide the real possibility of inner experiences.




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