Is someone up there watching us?


This free book is a gift that we offer to everyone during a truly difficult period in history. It is a way to be even closer to you and to interest more people in a new way of thinking, oriented towards a change in the world we live in.

183 pages


The book discusses some aspects that in our society are almost taboo, such as the nature of birth and death, the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, spirituality as an instinctive perception of the existence of a supra-material reality, the origins and existence of a true Spiritual Science, which is separate (or parallel) from religions and more well-known paths. We suggest reading with a critical spirit and an open mind, as one should always do, without rejecting less familiar concepts a priori. It is useful to reflect on the implications that the presented perspective entails in order to open up to inner and mental spaces that are less suffocating and restrictive than those known.


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