Mystical Bells


Mystical Bells was created for meditation, yoga practice, relaxation, and ambient music. It is a one-hour and thirteen-minute suite designed to generate a continuous and coherent atmosphere throughout the duration of the piece. The sounds are crafted to relax and evoke environments of mystical color.

As we have explained on many occasions, sound has the ability to penetrate deeply on an unconscious level and also has an influence on the organic level. In ancient times, music did not have the same value as it does today, especially in research schools. It was mainly used to produce effects on practitioners and modify the vibrations of an environment. This is exactly the result that Mystical Bells achieves.

Duration: 73 minutes – 227 MB
Available only in digital format with instant download.



We suggest listening to this suite during work, reading, or practice, always at a medium-low volume. As we recommended for the Mantra album, it is also possible to experiment falling asleep with this music played at a very low volume. The sound effects penetrate within, accompanying throughout the sleep (making sure that the audio stops once the suite is over and always without using headphones or earbuds).

As this is a very long piece with continuous alternations of sounds and music, we present some demos extracted from different moments of the work, just to provide a general idea of the overall sound.



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