The Yogis Temple


The Yogis Temple has been specifically created for meditation practice or to accompany yoga practice. The sounds in the album can also be used as background atmosphere for any activity, but this work is not intended for entertainment purposes.

The audio levels are designed with consideration to the various stages that can occur during meditation. All sounds are intended to facilitate the practitioner’s internalization.
The album operates on three different levels, promoting concentration, spatial perception, and evoking certain spiritual traditions.

Duration: 52 minutes
Available only in digital format with instant download.



Since it was impossible to create a demo that would give an idea of the work, as it is a single 53-minute track, we chose to present a 7-minute audio sample, in which different moments from the overall track alternate, corresponding to different parts, of about one minute each. Naturally, since it is not music, the demo is intended only to provide a general idea of the atmosphere of the album.



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