M • A • N • T • R • A


Mantra is a special album, with attention to detail and produced from the heart. In the past, in the “Mystica” collection, we presented a number of ancient Mantras which were dispersed across three different albums. We decided to reunite them into a single production lasting 92 minutes. We have selected some that are particularly close to our hearts, but we did not simply transfer them into a new container. Instead, they have been broken down, their repetition extended, and inserted into more appropriate musical contexts for the purpose we had in mind, which was to offer a stable vibrational quality suitable for both inner practices and relaxation.

As for the sound, the vocals and music have been remastered, not seeking perfect sound according to modern standards, but rather the correct vibration to expand a quality capable of properly caressing the mind and energy in the environment.

Duration: 92 minutes – 340 MB
Available only in digital format with instant download.



The musical aspect of this work, while hopefully enjoyable, is not its main value. What truly matters is the vibrational imprint of the mantras and voice. Of course, like any audio product, it can be listened to anywhere and at any volume. The three following tips are merely indicative, for a deeper inner effect.

1 • Meditation, Yoga and inner practices.
The listening volume should be adjusted to the chanting of the mantras and not to the music. The voice should have a not-too-loud volume, so as not to disturb the practice. Everything else, the sound environment in which the mantra is inserted, is designed to be consistent with the volume of the voice

2 • Home, office, car.
The album actually generates a vibration that can have a beneficial effect. Whether you listen to it while driving, at work, or at home, it is capable of modifying the environment and naturally affects the nervous system and emotional sphere. We recommend experimenting with playback even in conditions unrelated to practice.

3 • Sleep.
Certainly not everyone can experience what follows, particularly if they do not share the same vision as the person sleeping next to them. For those who can, we suggest trying to fall asleep with this music playing at a low level in the room, audible but not so loud as to disturb sleep. In the first 90 minutes of rest, roughly the duration of the album, the quality of the mantras and voice can significantly influence the nighttime experience and dream quality.

Mantras have a rather strong intrinsic vibration, so it is not a given that everyone can benefit from them in the same way. If you do not experience a sensation of sweetness and protection, it is not worth insisting.
If you want to experiment with using mantras to fall asleep, it is not recommended to use headphones for listening, even if lightweight. During sleep, the energy connection between the inside of the ears and the surrounding air should not be interrupted. It is different, however, if this listening method is used in a waking state.

The “demos” presented are merely indicative, to show which mantras are present on the album. Each individual track lasts from ten to twenty minutes, with sound and musical variations that serve to alternate the chants with more expansive atmospheric spaces. Therefore, the demos available for listening do not represent the unfolding of each individual track.



1) This file is in compressed (.zip) format. After purchasing and downloading it, you must first unzip (extract) the content to listen to it.

2) The file weight is about 320 megabytes. To avoid error messages, make sure you have completely downloaded it before opening it.


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