A Treasure Trove of Secrets – english version (ebook)

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Andrea Di TerlizziMassimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi

Dialogue between science and spirituality

How many and which things does humankind still ignore in our age? How many of these things would change our lives for the better if we were aware of them? And how many things already exist about which we are deliberately kept in the dark? Is modern science actually free to investigate the nature of reality?

This book is undoubtedly surprising for the topics it deals with and for the way they are discussed by the authors, who are not afraid to express their thoughts and experiences in complete freedom; also, their dialogue is extraordinarily important for the reflections towards which it can lead the attentive reader.

It deals with themes that challenge our perception of reality and our view of what we have been taught, as well as our relationship with life and with the universe we are a part of. A certain rationalist mentality could perhaps consider this book “heretical”; however, for others, it will be a real “treasure trove of secrets”.

While reading the draft, our staff experienced the pleasure of discovering a dialogue in which the search for truth is clearly the main objective, without any trace of the typical concern expressed by that type of interlocutor who tries to protect a specific form of thought.

248 pages.



A Chest of Secrets is certainly an atypical text and for that very reason extremely fascinating. In the past, there have been interesting attempts to combine scientific knowledge with ancient texts on philosophical or spiritual subjects. A very successful example was The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra.

Here, however, we are in the presence of something that is very different, because the authors of the text, in a series of private letters that they wrote to each other over a period of about a year, lay bare aspects related to in-depth reflections and direct experiences, which certainly few authors have had the courage to expound with such clarity.

The topics treated are extraordinary and expounded with a balance that never yields to the fear of provoking criticism, as often happens when speaking of concepts that are difficult to prove by common methods of measurement.


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