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Andrea Di TerlizziAntonella Spotti

Transcendence is the natural sequel to ‘Deep Meditation‘ because it takes up the explanation of the Chakras not described in the previous volume, with related techniques. In reality, the book goes much further than this, because it explains in a comprehensive manner what these energy centres really are and their connections with immaterial spheres outside of this planet. The text also discusses many topics that are as fascinating as they are unusual, such as the nature of dreams and the Yoga of the intermediate stage.

Like the book ‘Deep Meditation‘, Transcendence is also a multimedia product containing films, audio tracks, multimedia and hyperlinks. In other words, a true didactic guide that also allows one to learn the various procedures covered from a technical point of view.

352 color pages – 234 MB



We have done was not to protect this work through encoded systems that prevent copying, such as Adobe DRM, because these methods are a nuisance and an intrusion on the freedom of the purchaser, who would be forced to create an Adobe ID in order to read the text.

We therefore rely on the sentiment of the readers, hoping that they will suggest to friends to buy it, rather than copying it and passing it on directly to others. In fact, the sale of the products on the site helps the project of spreading the teaching and thought of the masters Andrea Di Terlizzi and Antonella Spotti. We would very much like the Inner Innovation Project portal to represent access to a large family with common interests, rather than a sterile shelf of various articles.
TRASCENDENCE is not a simple e-book but a true multimedia product. In fact, it is not a paper text also sold in electronic format but a native work in ePub, designed to assist the reader with films, audio files and hypertext links. The technology used allows reading on any device, fixed or portable, without the original layout of the text being changed.


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There are many other reading softwares for E-books, but as books with multimedia contents are rather rare, it is possible that those you are already used to do not read the ePub format correctly. For those who have never read an e-book before, we suggest proceeding as follows.


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